Friday, June 11, 2010

"I didn't get to do that."

Shortly after the Blackhawks won the Cup, Jeremy Roenick took the opportunity to selfishly turn the spotlight toward himself.
Watch the video:

"I've been there. I know what it's like. This is an emotional thing for me... Chicago, really enjoy this one. For the kid that was there in 1992 who was crying when I came off the ice after we lost Game 4 in Chicago Stadium. You waited 18 years. I hope you have a big smile on your face. Congratulations."

A fellow announcer asked him why this was affecting him, to which he responded, "It's the Chicago Blackhawks, man." Then tearfully added, "I didn't get to do that."

Hold up.

This is the guy who has played for 5 different teams. One of them was Chicago. Others included Philadelphia, San Jose, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. Roenick's longest stretch was with the Blackhawks, which lasted from 1988-1996. However, he played 5 years in Phoenix and 4 years in Philly. Do you really expect me to believe he STILL feels he has such strong ties to Chicago? No. And here's why.

Roenick told ESPN that he not only was rooting for the Sharks in the Western Conference Finals, but he would also root for the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals. He explained that he was still bitter from being traded out of Chicago.
Read the article:

I don't know what the financial situation was in Chicago at that time, but I know that the Blackhawks were TERRIBLY cheap in the 90's-2007 when they drafted Kane and Toews. Isn't it possible that they traded him because they couldn't pay him his money?

Also, maybe Roenick should see it as a favor. It isn't like he got traded and then the Blackhawks won Cups left and right. They were horrible and stagnant. The Hawks gave him a chance to go out and win some games with some other teams. Why should he resent being moved out of there?

Besides, if you resent the Blackhawks for trading you, why would you be crying? Shouldn't you be cursing them under your breath? What, is he sore that the Blackhawks didn't sign him to suit up for them this season? Get real!

My advice: Shut up, grow up, and quit making it all about yourself. The Blackhawks just won the Stanley Cup and you ruined the moment with your little pity party blubber fest. Get over it.

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