Friday, July 31, 2009

Wow, Dale, Really? You Got Us In MORE Trouble?

It's coming out now that the NHL is investigating the contract that the Blackhawks signed with Marian Hossa. As you may recall, the Blackhawks signed Hossa to a 12-year/$62.8M deal. The NHL has found that Hossa will be making $3.5M/year towards the end of the contract as opposed to the normal $5M-something/year he will be making otherwise.

The league is looking to see if the Blackhawks discussed Hossa's retirement during the contract negotiations. This is apparently against the collective bargaining rules of the league. Apparently this has also pissed off other owners around the league, becuase they're backing the league on this one.

If the NHL finds the Blackhawks to be guilty, they can face a fine of up to $5M, and could lose future draft picks.

Way to go, Dale! Looks like we got one good year, and now we'll be mired down at the bottom of the Central Division again, thanks to your antics.

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  1. wow the hurt keeps on comming, some major changes are going to be needed to fix all of this mess