Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft Day Predictions

Ok, I don't have a lot of time to post, but how could I miss on draft day? Here's some predictions:

1. "Trader Ted" Thompson will trade down today.

2. If B.J. Raji is no longer available at #9, and Mark Sanchez is still on the board, he will trade the #9 overall pick to the NY Jets. Mark my words. I'll bet you $5.

3. If B.J. Raji and Mark Sanchez are both already gone at #9, I have literally no idea what the Packers are going to do, because....

4. Nobody really knows what will happen on draft day. If you rounded up all the bloggers, all the big time NFL commentators, all the beat writers and compared their predictions to what actually happened, the best any one individual would do would be to maybe get 15% of his predictions correct. Why? It's like picking an NCAA March Madness bracket. Each prediction builds on each other. So if one guy they predict gets taken out of order, most of their other picks are shot. Plus, it's impossible to count on the literally thousands of factors that each team is taking into consideration about team needs, preferences of GM's and coaches, what their team's scouts see and don't see, what's available at their pick, salary cap, and so on.

5. Finally, Anquan Boldin will be traded today.

OK, that's it for draft predictions. Now a couple of comments.

1. There's no way Matthew Stafford is that good or worth that much money. I throw my vote in with the thousands of other people, including commisioner Goodell, that want a rookie salary cap. It would reward high performers that got drafted low, it would save teams from blowing a lot of money on unproven commodoties, and it would improve the overall quality of play in the NFL.

2. I'm upset with the Packers for not going and getting Tony Gonzalez. He wanted to play for Green Bay a year ago, and from what I understand, the Cheifs blew that trade up, not TT. But still, we should have went and got him. Oh well.

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