Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something Good to Take Away From Game 1

I'm an eternal pessimist. Wanna know why? I stopped listening to the game after the second period. Mistake? Maybe. The Blackhawks were down 3-0, and from any accounts I could hear on the radio (yeah, screw Versus), the Blackhawks were getting picked apart. However, the Hawks made it interesting by coming all the way back and tying it 3-3. Now, the Hawks went on to give up their lead with a little over a minute left, and eventually lost 5-3, but there's something good here.

Just about any game, you'd say the team was done when they were down 3-0 heading into the third (heck, I did, and shut the radio off). However, the Hawks have picked up a "never die easy" attitude in the playoffs and I like it. I really like it.

We've watched them come back from one goal down in Game 1, Round 1. Then, we saw them come back from two down in Game 2 Round 1. Then, we saw them come back from THREE down in Game 4, Round 1. And now, we see it again. It's really unbelievable. Now, they lost Game 4 and they lost tonight, but the ability to come back from THAT many goals down is a valuable gem. Let's hope the Hawks don't HAVE to use it too often anymore.

Some sour notes?
Stay out of the penalty box! Are you kidding me? That first period was pathetic with the penalties! You can't continually put yourself down a man and expect nothing bad to happen. Keep your sticks on the ice.

Let's sandwich that with another good point, though.
Yeah, I said sandwich. It's called a compliment sandwich, haven't you ever watched Family Guy? Anyway, Patrick Kane is scoring when it really matters. Through the middle and end of the season, Kane wasn't really scoring that many goals. Sure, he had assists, which is what he really does best, but he wasn't scoring. Now that we're in the playoffs, he's stepped up his game a new level and I really like that. I really like that the Blackhawks have found the switch to turn on the heat for the playoffs. It's amazing how quickly their game can change when they really need it to.

Saturday is the next game, and I stand by my statement. If the Blackhawks don't leave Vancouver with a win, they will lose the series.

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  1. Your boys won game 2...where's the post about that?