Monday, April 20, 2009


Well. It's been awhile. Sorry, I've been busy. Hey, at least I have full time employment for next year. I've been trying to get on Blogger for the last half hour and it wouldn't let me. Annoying. So...I'll go over some old stuff and discuss some new stuff. And I'll post something that'll tick Spencer off.

Jay Cutler's arrival in Chicago makes the Bears the class of the division

Yeah, it hurts me to say it, but it's true. They also signed Orlando Pace. Now all they need is a good receiver. No, not Devin Hester, I said a good receiver. Somebody that's tall enough to ride rides at the fair and doesn't drop passes when he has a step and a half on a guy. I don't care how fast he is, he'll never be a good receiver.

NFC North Predictions

The division will play out as follows:
1. Bears (I already said that)
2. Vikings
3. Packers
4. Lions

Why? The Bears will win the division due to Cutler. Vikings take number 2 not so much because they improved but more because I think the Packers stock dropped. Packers are down to #3 because they changed to a 3-4 defense and have done literally nothing to address the gaping holes in their defense. And the Lions are fourth because, c'mon, they're the Lions. Not even they're new logo can help them.

5 Truths about next Saturday's Draft

1. 3-4 DE/LB's will be overrated. Why? The Steelers, who run a 3-4, won the Superbowl. The rest of the NFL looks at the Superbowl winner and overemphasizes their strong suits.

2. The Packer's won't draft B.J. Raji. Why? If he didn't smoke pot, he won't be available at #9. If he did, TT will pass on him because his big on character and all that. You know who else tested postive for pot? Warren Sapp. Usually I'm not big on sketchy characters, but they literally have to have a nose tackle, and he's the best one this year.

3. RB's will be underrated. I'm telling you, Knowshon Moreno and/or Shonn Greene are gonna be good.

4. The top 10's gonna have more defensive players than offensive players. There's some quality on defense, and not as great of offense as last year.

5. The Lions are gonna take Matthew Stafford. And they really shouldn't. I just don't think he's #1 overrall kind of good. I'm not even convinced that he's first round good. Georgia way underperformed last year, and a QB bears a lot of responsibility for his team's performance. Then again, I wasn't sold on Matt Ryan last year, and we all know how that turned out.

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