Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Numbers don't lie

Gah, it's tough to admit. I actually don't want to admit it. But, these stats point to something really telling. I got this from ESPN, big ups to some guy named Robbiemustgo32 who came up with these stats. This gives Favre yet another reason to stay in Mississippi and stay away from Minnesota.

Ok, I can't seem to get the table to paste correctly, and I can't seem to delete it. Seriously, go to the link, the numbers are startling.

Breaking Down
Conditioning? Age? Weather? Whatever the cause, retired quarterback Brett Favre has dropped off considerably over the final five weeks in each of the past four seasons. Let's take a look:
Time Period Comp. % Yds/Att TD INT
'05 Games 1-11 63.6 6.77 19 19
'05 Games 12-16 56.8 5.67 1 10
'06 Games 1-11 57.1 6.54 14 10
'06 Games 12-16 53.8 5.96 4 8
'07 Games 1-11 68.5 7.90 22 8
'07 Games 12-16 59.1 7.26 6 7
'08 Games 1-11 70.6 7.09 20 13
'08 Games 12-16 56.1 6.03 2 9
Source: User Robbiemustgo32 (and double-checked by ESPN.com)


  1. Those are some pretty revealing statistics. I like how the guy also put a table up of other quarterbacks and their similar stats. The only table that I thought was missing was a table of Favre's Stats when he was younger. For instance, what were his stats in 97 and 98 when they went to the Super Bowl two years in a row. If he was always like this, then it's a rather moot point, but if not (which, one would assume they aren't), then the point is well-made. Good find, Bryce!

  2. Oh, and btw, that picture of Favre in the Vikings uniform is pretty good (as in, someone is good at photo-shop), but it makes me wanna puke.

  3. Yeah, that would be nice to see Favre's numbers in his earlier years. We should comment on that guy's article and see if he can produce those numbers. I also liked the other guys numbers, it reminds you that by the end of the season most QB's numbers drop off in the sense that they aren't putting up huge numbers usually, just gritting it out and winning games. I'll chalk it up to bad weather by the end of the season and opposing defenses getting them figured out, as teams in your conference would be playing you for a second time by that point. And yeah, good photo-shopping. That's the picture that made me realize that I can't root for him if he goes to the Vikequeens.