Monday, May 4, 2009

5 reasons why Favre going to the Vikings is unacceptable

There's been some talk about Favre signing with the Vikings. This will ruin both Favre and the NFL for me for a long time. So, naturally, I'm against it. Here's 5 reasons why:

1. It's never awesome when the face of a franchise plays for another team. It's especially not awesome when he plays for a rival. Nobody wants to see Favre play for the Vikings. Except, maybe, desperate Vikings fans.

2. You gotta know when enough is enough. Favre struggled real bad down the stretch. Sure, he had the bicep tendon thing, but even if he got that repaired, he's still 39, 40 when the season ends. Just call it off, Brett. Keep what's left of your legacy in tact.

3. The Vikings don't need him. They have Jackson and Rosenfels. OK, not great options, but at this point Favre is such a wild card he's not really a great solution for them.

4. The Vikings can't afford him. The Vikings are a team on the way up, they need cap space for young players. They're paying Adrian Peterson, Bernard Berrian, and Jared Allen. Favre will take up too much cap space to be worth it.

5. He would just be doing it to get back at Ted. Favre has nothing left to play for. He's won his Super Bowl. He's got his MVP's. He's got his records. The only reason he would play would be to stick it to Ted. He wanted to be a free agent last season, and Ted was too big of a jerk to release him, so now he wants to sign where he wants to in order to whoop up on Ted's team twice a year. That's not a good enough reason to come back for another year.


  1. I was also going to say: Favre proved to everyone last year that he can still play at a high level, including Ted. So, now that he's done that, he can exit gracefully.

  2. He only proved it for a while though. I think Ted is ultimately vindicated because Favre showed that he couldn't play at a high level for long enough and proved Ted to have made a fairly good decision.

  3. Eh, but the Jets were 9-7 whereas the Packers were you and your $20 bill would recall. If he plays for the Vikings it's gonna scar me pretty deep.