Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nightmare? No, this is like a never ending daymare...

Well, it's the worst possible Packer news that I could blog about. It seems that the reality of Favre starting at QB for the Vikings is becoming more and more likely each day. Unlike last year, I will not be supporting Favre. Not so much because he's going to play for the Vikings, but the way that he's going about it. If he would have signed with or been traded to the Vikings last year, I think I would have supported him, based on the circumstances last year. But the stunt that he's pulling right now is unacceptable. And the way that he's gone about things really causes me to wonder if he had this planned all along. I'm pretty sure that when he was traded to the Jets, he decided that he would re-retire/seek his release and try to go sign with the Vikings. Obviously that's what the Packers thought that he had in mind, hence the clause that they included in the trade. For him to retire again, from a franchise that basically rolled out the red carpet for him, then demand to be released, then get surgery on his shoulder and start talking to the Vikings...these are the actions of an arrogant megolomaniac. When he came back last year it was about playing football. He could have played for the Jets this coming year, they didn't push him out the door at all. In fact, they fired their head coach when they could have made Favre the scapegoat and run him out of town on a rail.

It's not about playing football this year, this is obviously about getting revenge on TT. It is very apparent that he has decided he wants to play against the Packers, as if that is going to hurt TT somehow. Look, I'm no fan of Ted Thompson, but for Favre to go this far, spend this much energy, and do this much damage to his reputation, for the sole purpose of giving the middle finger to TT, that's insane. So, I'm not going to make any bold declarations about how I'll boycott the Packers (even though this is partly their fault), or Favre (even though I'm disgusted with him and he'll probably always be tarnished in my mind if he wears purple), or the NFL (even though it just won't be as enjoyable for me to watch). No, no boycotts, only a statement: I'm sad. I'm very sad. I'm sad, as a Packers fan, even more than I'm angry. I'm sad because one the of greatest Packers of all time seems to have lost his mind and is now bent on playing against the team that everyone would have remembered him for. I'm sad because Favre could have rode off into the sunset of our minds, still the golden boy that brought the Lombardi trophy home and made all of those impossible, ridiculous throws. But, he didn't. He retired. If only he wouldn't have. He asked to be given his job back. They didn't, if only they would have. He was, released. Even then, with his reputation still in tact, he could stay down south. I'll concur with Michael Hunt, maybe the biggest lesson we can learn from this is not to hero-ize athletes. Maybe Favre should have never been "Favre", but just a guy that played quarterback, maybe. All I know is, it's not going to be as much fun to watch the NFL this year. I'll leave you with a clip, eerily similar to last year, of Favre sweating while throw balls to high school kids. He's throwing off his back foot, Favre style.


  1. Yeah, this is sad. I can never remember him in a totally positive light anymore. It will take more effort for me to remember those good things he did in Green Bay. The only good outcome would be if Favre stay retired now. I'm also wishing that I hadn't chosen favrethelivinglegend as my name on here and wish I could change it.

  2. Ahha! I think I figured it out!