Friday, June 12, 2009


One year ago, the Pittsburgh Penguins were on the other side of the coin, having been eliminated by the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Penguins had a shaky start to this year's Stanley Cup matchup. losing two games in Detroit to start the series. However, the Penguins were able to win at home and take 4 of the next 5 games.

You stay classy, Detroit.
Winning the President's Cup and the Stanley Cup last year wasn't good enough; winning the Central Division wasn't good enough; and apparently going seven games and losing to a worthy opponent is simply UNFORGIVEABLE ::gasp!:: While the Penguins celebrated their championship and their team skated off the ice, dejected, the fans at Joe Louis Arena booed. I understand being upset, but shut up and have some sportsmanship. You can't win every year. Just be thankful that your last Cup was won more recently than 1961.

Why is this good?
Frankly, I think that everyone gets bored when the same team wins over and over again. Take the Patriots for example. Get some new faces up at the top and I think the league gets a whole lot more interesting.

Halfway through the regular season, the Penguins didn't even look like they'd make the playoffs. After a coach-firing and the promotion of Bylsma, the Penguins found themselves in the thick of things again. I think this shows that any team can win.

It's good for the Penguins' franchise as well, obviously. A few years ago, the Pens were on the verge of non-existance. After winning a Stanley Cup, you have to believe that Pittsburgh will be hanging around for a while.

Dan Bylsma is a happy man, I'm sure. After Michel Terrien was removed as head coach, Bylsma was promoted as interrim coach. This is where the team turned around from being a 'going-nowhere' team, to championship-bound. You have to believe that he's going to be getting paid a lot more next year.

Beyond all this, the NHL can now show pictures of its poster-boy, Sidney Crosby. Ever since he joined the league, the NHL has promoted this young phenom because they finally found another player who truly made hockey exciting. You have to know that Crosby's going to be making a little more on endorsements next year. Oh, and I'll say it right now, he and/or--Pittsburgh's other young gun--Evgeni Malkin will be on the cover of NHL 10.

What about me?
Oh, I'm lovin' it. I HATE the Red Wings. I mean, I HATE 'em. I'm sick of all their old veterans who and their ability to buy every good player on the market. I'm ready for the assumption that players who sign with the Red Wings win championships to end. I want their to be more parity in the leauge. Here's to hoping that this is just the beginning of a long draught for the Red Wings.

Oh yeah, one more thing
Joke's on you, Hossa. Thought you had a better chance at winning a Cup with the Red Wings? Woops. Maybe you should have stayed in Pittsburgh. I'm glad that the Penguins had no qualms about using your number again this year by giving it to Miroslav Satan. You won't be missed in Pittsburgh. (Conklin is another one who went from the Penguins to the Red Wings in the time passed since last year, but his was probably less by choice.)



  1. A buddy of mine claimed that the Pittsburgh fans did the same last year when Detroit won there, is this true?