Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dead Zone

Well, this is a time of the NFL offseason that's really boring. The exciting part of free agency is over. The combine is over. The draft is still a few weeks away. There's still some well known free agents out there, Torry Holt, Marvin Harrison, Orlando Pace, Derrick Brooks and others; some who will end up with new teams and others who will fade into retirement. Teams don't want to sign these guys right now because they'll cost too much and they're past their prime. Those that do get signed will get picked up later because they'll sign for less the longer they have to wait and because teams will be wanting to add them to fill in roster spots emptied by injuries.

So, there's only a few things to talk about relating to the NFL: guess at who might get drafted where (which almost works out like you thought it would), talk about tenths of a second or numbers of reps that college guys put up at pro day workouts, or get frustrated cuz your team isn't signing anyone.

On that note, the Packers remain committed to not doing anything: I was hoping the management would wake up after they're dismal 6-10 showing last season, but I guess they're committed to the course of action that led them there. It's arrogant, but whatever. I'm gonna say 3 more miserable years before TT and McCarthy are out.

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