Monday, March 2, 2009

The Matt Cassel Deal: Winners and Losers

The biggest deal that has gone down thus far this offseason has been the trade of Matt Cassel. Some would say it's Haynesworth signing with the 'Skins...but they're obviously morons. He's overpaid and is just riding off of one really good year. He won't do much now that he's making the big bucks. Cassel's deal is the biggest for a number of reasons, some of which I'll touch upon here. Suffice it to say that it will have a longer lasting impact on the league than Albert's big fat pay day. So, who were the winner's in this deal, and who were the losers?

- Big Winners: The Chiefs

They got what should be a pretty good quarterback for years to come for a second round draft pick? How did they manage this you ask? See my earlier reply to Spencer asking the same question. They should celebrate with this awesome mid-90's helmet graphic.

- Runner-Up: Matt Cassel Himself

A year ago at this time he was holding a clipboard. No one had ever heard of him. From an NFL point of view, he wasn't making much money. Now, he's a starter, for a decently respectable NFL franchise. I mean, they haven't been good for a few years, but they're not like the Bengals or the Bears or anything. And he's making a lot more money. The only reason that he doesn't get first place is that he let the Patriots franchise him, so he wasn't able to play the free agent market or pick his team. But I still don't feel too bad for him.

- Losers: The Patriots

Dumb move here by Beli-cheat and the 18-1'ers. I get why they traded him: cap space. They were too short sighted though, there's no guarantee that Tom Brady is going to come back from a devastating knee injury and a long, messy, complication-filled recovery and be the same dream-boat QB he was before. In fact, chances are against that happening. So, they shoulda kept Cassel, paid him the big money for a year, and then if Brady worked out they could have traded him, and if not then they had insurance. I guess $14.65 million was too much for insurance in their minds.

- Big Losers: The Broncos

Honestly, what were they thinking? I guess Josh McDaniels, former Pats offensive coordinator, prefered his golden boy to the quarterback he inherited. Well, I think it has a chance of costing him his job. Cutler wants out, and unlike some, I don't blame him. And, they failed to land Cassel. Worse yet, this is all going on within the AFC West. So, if they can't find a way to calm Cutler down and keep him around, they'll be QB-less while they're division rivals are looking set with a shiny new QB. Tell me they won't be calling for McDaniels' head in the Mile High City if the Chiefs beat the Cutler-less Broncos this season. Therefore, they are the biggest, most ridiculous looking losers in this scenario.

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  1. No doubt chiefs are the big winners. They got Cassel and a veteran and capable linebacker Vrabel for a pretty decent price. I think it will be exciting to watch Cassel blossom.