Friday, March 6, 2009

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

The Packers have brought in two defensive free agents this week. Being that they have a huge need on the D-line, both were defensive lineman, right? Nope. Well, surely one of the them was a lineman or linebacker, being that the switch to a 3-4 will mostly involve guys along the front 7, right? Wrong again. Safeties ( They've brought in two safeties.

Question: Why are they wasting their time on the secondary when their most glaring need is on D-line? Unfortunately because they probably think that they'll fill all of their D-line needs in the draft. As I've mentioned earlier, this is dumb for a number of reasons (see my post: 5 things that the Packers should but probably won't do this offseason).

The Packers should go get Mike Wright from the 18-1ers, Igor Olshansky of the Bolts, or Vonnie Holliday of the 'Phins. They seem content to pass on all these guys and let them sign elsewhere. It'd be nice to see them go get some LB help too, Burnett from the 'Boys or Haggans from the Cards. But once again, it seems to be of no interest to TT. So, here's my proposal: sign Tank Johnson. Yes, that Tank Johnson, the one with all the guns. Yeah, I know he's been in trouble. But here's the thing, he was pretty good with the Bears, and he played in a 3-4 in Dallas, and he's the last DT on the free agent market that anyone's ever heard of. So, I really hope the Packers sign him.

Speaking of former Dallas delinquents, where do you guys (I'm not even gonna pretend girls would read this blog) think TO will end up? ESPN listed 17 teams that had expressed interest in TO, which is basically like saying, "We have no idea so if we'll just guess a bunch so that we'll be able to say we called it." The Packers were listed as an interested team, which is insane, cuz they'll never sign him. I say he goes to the 18-1'ers. They have a penchant for signing talented veterans that are thought to be either washed up or trouble makers. Plus, how disgusting would that be to have Moss, TO, and Welker catching balls from Brady?


  1. The Pats say they aren't interested. I heard the same suggestion, and it seemed like it could have been a good fit if Moss was able to fit into that system. But like I said, the Pats don't want him.

  2. Understandable, that would be a ton of salary cap space used up. Still, that would have been the WR dream team.