Saturday, March 7, 2009

This is not a good idea.

TO is a Buffalo Bill. This is going to go badly. He's always had pretty good quarterbacks and he's complained about them, a lot. So, now he'll have either Trent Edwards, J.P. Losman, or a rookie throwing him the ball? No, this is not going to work. San Fran, Philly and Dallas were all decent teams when TO was around. This is the Bills we're talking about here.

Wanna hear a good idea? I decided today that the Packers should sign Rex Grossman. He's a free agent. He's a quarterback with Superbowl experience and has shown flashes of talent, even though it's wrapped in a accident-prone package. And, if and when Rodgers gets hurt, he wouldn't be a bad backup option. Better than Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm at least. And, it would be funny to see Chicago's former golden boy with a big green G on his helmet.

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  1. Finally someone giving Rex some love! Hes not really that bad, as the Chicago Press seems to think. Yes he tries to play like Brett Favre and it doesn't work out for him, but at least his has an arm unlike Orton. I think some team will pick him up and be pleasantly surprised.